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Strategic Agreement Connects Cox Business and MIDCON in the Evolution of Cloud Technology

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City’s level of technical expertise took another step forward today, as it was announced today that Cox Business and MIDCON Data Services, LLC have signed a strategic business development agreement for Cox to sell services offered by MIDCON.  Kurt Kraft, President of MIDCON Recovery Solutions, stated, “There has always been a great relationship between our companies, so it was a natural for us to work with each other to find ways to use our areas of expertise.  This agreement will allow us to expand and enhance the product offerings for Cox Business Service customers across Oklahoma.”

The agreement will give customers of Cox Business access to MIDCON Recovery Solutions’ bunkered data center.  The center is designed to provide flexibility in asset management while increasing security, redundancy and reliability. Data centers allow companies to back-up their data in real time or store their primary servers. The advent of Cloud computing has made flexibility even more important according to Kraft.  “Simply put, a Cloud configuration serves as a company’s digital home, a computerized space maintained externally that can be accessed remotely at all times. Whereas in the past a company’s hardware and facilities would have to be maintained by their IT staff, MIDCON’s data center houses and maintains the hardware from a secure bunker with enough room to accommodate immediate and future needs, eliminating the need for companies to build their own center,” Kraft commented. He continued, “As with any new technology, there is always some confusion over exactly what it is and what it means.  In the case of the Cloud, it has been presented as some magical realm where only a handful of companies can operate.  In reality, because we are local, we can actually package that same technology with a superior level of technical support. Our familiarity with local technical issues gives us an advantage, and is why a company such as Cox, which places a premium on customer service, would enter into an agreement with our firm.

Both companies see the agreement as a way to meet the growing demand in Oklahoma for practical solutions to ensure companies are optimizing their information technology operations.  “This agreement enables each company to focus on its strengths,” said Randy Chandler, VP of Cox Business.   “In turn, this allows us to provide our customers access to new product offerings and services from a local company with a strong reputation in the storage and security areas.” He continued, “Facilities like the one at MIDCON are where local firms and services providers prefer to put their Cloud architectures,” Chandler said.  “The carrier facilities and datacenter facilities are economically feasible, robust, and service can be quickly provided, allowing companies to focus on their core business.”One of the main factors allowing this technology to flourish is the availability of highly reliable bandwidth from providers such as Cox Communications.  Over the years, bandwidth availability has increased, enabling companies to benefit from an IT infrastructure that can do more, faster. Representatives from both Cox and MIDCON expect the new partnership to continue that trend, as the facilities at MIDCON offer businesses the option of simplifying their existing infrastructure.  “Technology is ever-changing,” commented Kraft.   “We provide the space and service, alleviating the requirement of having to constantly update and maintain your own facility. “